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When is the last time you checked your roof? Whether you have an old roof that needs to be replaced or you’re building a new home, you can trust the roofing experts at Ion Construction for the best prices and service in the industry.

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The weather is cooling down, and winter will be here before you know it. Don’t wait until the snow flies to discover you need a new roof. Our Free Virtual Estimate process is quick and easy. All you have to do is answer a few questions and we’ll handle the rest!

The roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Over time, wind, rain, snow, ice, and even the sun can wear down roofing material. If you wait too long to replace an old roof, it could be too late. Once water starts to get into your home, it can cause damage that could be harmful to the structure and to your family and expensive to fix. Let us take a look at your roof and provide a no-strings-attached estimate to make sure you’re covered.

5 Year Warranty | Material & Labor 

At Ion Construction, we use the best quality roofing material for each and every project. You can count on your roof to last, and we back our work with a 5-year warranty on all material and labor. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you work with Ion Construction for your new roof.

Affordable Financing Options | 0% interest for up to 18 months

Short on cash? No worries! We offer financing customized to your situation, so you don’t have to wait. We’re here for you with affordable finance options so that funding issues will not stop you from protecting your home.


We even handle emergency roofing and siding projects!

7 Risks that come with an old roof

1. Damaged Shingles
Shingles take a beating protecting your home from the weather. After a while, they can become damaged and allow moisture to build up, which can cause mold and rot. When this happens, the material under the shingles is at risk, which can lead to higher cost for replacement or repair of the roof.
2. Compromised Weather Protection
Your roof’s job is to keep your home safe from the elements. Over the years, the material can break down and weaken its ability to keep the weather out. When this happens, water can literally end up inside your house from the rain or snow. Water can cause expensive damage to things like drywall, plywood, and insulation. And if trapped, it can cause mold to grow, risking health issues for your family.
3. Pest Infestations
Small animals and bugs seek shelter from our Michigan winters just like we do. And if they find a chink in the armor of your house, they’re likely to end up sharing the warmth of the inside of your home with you. If bugs like roaches or wasps are able to get into the crevices of a compromised roof, they could nest and infest your entire home before you’re aware they’re there.
4. Fire Hazard
A leaky roof can cause a fire hazard by allowing water to reach your electrical system. This can happen before you even know the leak is there, causing great risk to your family.
5. Low Energy Efficiency/High Utility Cost
In addition to keeping the weather out of your house, your roof should also keep the inside air in. Your heating and cooling systems work hard to keep the air quality inside your home comfortable and safe. But if the roof is old, it’s likely leaking heated and conditioned air, making your systems work harder, thereby costing you more money.
6. Warranty Coverage Expires
After a certain number of years, the warranty of your roof expires. When the warranty is up, the shingles are usually at the end of their life. You’re left on your own to cover any damage or replacement cost, including the cost of repairing damage to the interior of your home caused by the weather.
7. Loss of Insurance
When your roof is past its lifespan and has noticeable damage, your insurance company could require you to replace it or risk the loss of your homeowner’s insurance. In addition, if you’re selling or buying a home, insurance companies may not offer homeowner’s insurance for the house until old roofs are replaced.
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